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Out-of-network medical bills can be expensive and sometimes catch you off guard. Naviguard is here to provide clarity, reduce frustration, and reach a solution where everyone benefits — patients pay market-value prices and providers receive timely payment for their work.



The concerns are clear

Out-of-network billing can be confusing and costly. That’s because navigating your way through an unfamiliar process takes a great deal of time, creates stress, and may not even result in clear answers.


of patients in America have been surprised by an out-of-network bill.1

2 out of 3

Americans are worried about affording unexpected medical bills.1


of out-of-network medical bills come from situations that won’t be covered by the No Surprises Act.2

  • 1 Kaiser Family Foundation, Data Note: Public Worries About And Experience With Surprise Medical Bills, 2/28/2020.

    2 Based on UHC commercial claims data 2020-2021.


Naviguard has answers

Get the out-of-network support you need with Naviguard.

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Valued Ally

We serve over 6.4 million members, supporting employers and their employees by making the process of managing out-of-network costs less confusing for everyone.

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Trusted Insight

We understand out-of-network billing, inside and out. Count on our decades of experience, our focus on ever-changing regulations, and our national and local market expertise to help reach a resolution.



We’re here for you.

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