Surprise out-of-network bills don’t surprise us.

Medical billing for out-of-network (OON) services inflicts pain on patients across America. We don’t think it’s okay. In fact, we’re committed to making it stop by guiding you through the system and defending you from OON bills.

These parents made a plan. It made a big difference.

Joe and Jan are expecting their second baby. They are determined to avoid the unexpected OON bills that followed them home with their firstborn. Fortunately, they discovered Naviguard. See how these proud parents prepared for another bundle of joy.

Tools for guarding against the unexpected:

The Balance Bill Challenger

Ensure you’re paying fair value for out-of-network charges by equipping yourself with insights and support from Naviguard experts.

The EOB Decoder

Learning how to make sense of your Explanation of Benefits statement is a critical line of defense against unexpected out-of-network bills.

The Get Smart Planner

Avoid getting stuck with a surprise out-of-network bill by using the Get Smart Planner.

We’re here to help you know who to talk to.

Plan ahead by connecting with your insurance company and care provider. Protecting patients from the time-consuming struggle and financial burden of out-of-network bills is our mission.